What does it mean to be a BIAW-Certified Home Builder?

What does it mean to be a BIAW-Certified Home Builder?

Compare, and see why we reach higher.

Doing the right thing matters. We’re proud to be a BIAW-Certified Builder and to continue to insist on excellence with every build. We adhere to standards higher than those of Washington state.

BIAW Certified Builder Standards:

Code of Conduct:

Certified Builders must agree to - and comply with - a well-defined and rigorous Code of Conduct enforced by BIAW.

Washington State’s registered contractor requirement DOES NOT mandate compliance with any code of conduct.


Certified Builders must maintain insurance coverages substantially more comprehensive than what is required by law.

Washington State contractor registration minimum general liability insurance coverage is LOWER than BIAW requires for a Certified Builder.


Certified Builders must provide a written performance warranty to their homebuyers.

A Washington State registered contractor is NOT required to provide buyers with a written warranty.


Certified Builders must provide a written contract to clearly define all terms of the construction agreement.

A Washington State contractor is NOT required to provide a written contract.

Homeowners Maintenance Guide:

Certified Builders provide a written performance warranty to their homebuyers.

A manual IS NOT required of a Washington State registered contractor.


The BIAW requires Certified Builder candidates to provide references to substantiate the number of years in business; to rate the quality of vendor relationships; for projects completed within the last five years. For those homebuilders with less than five years of experience, BIAW has designated an alternate path to earning the Certified Builder designation.

Washington State contractor registration regulations DO NOT require verified references.


Certified Builder candidates are asked to provide BIAW a list of their earned professional designations, as well as any completed educational courses.

There is no provision to measure education or work experience ANYWHERE within the regulations governing Washington State’s registered contractors.

Mandatory Binding Arbitration:

Certified Builders must offer the option of arbitration over litigation which helps reduce costs and provides greater privacy, flexibility, and finality.

This requirement IS NOT included in the standards for Washington State’s regulations for registered contractors.

The Apex Building Services Difference


Not everyone wants to work harder. We’re not everyone.

When you choose a Certified Home Builder* you’re partnering with a professional who has committed to performing at the highest level possible in our industry.
Make certain your builder measures up.



* A contractor registered in the State of Washington is not a Certified Builder. Certified Builder is an elective designation that offers you a more highly accredited building professional.