Your Custom Kitchen Remodel Lake Chelan, WA

Your Custom Kitchen Remodel Lake Chelan, WA

A trusted local business serving Chelan, WA for over 20 years!

At Apex, we are builders who go above and beyond for the communities we serve in the Pacific Northwest. We hold high standards for every home project we undertake because we know we’re not just working on a house, we’re bringing a dream space to life! We value accuracy over speed, method over results, and – most importantly – quality over price.
With our extensive experience as remodeling contractors, we’ve earned our reputation for integrity and excellence.

Apex is Your Partner in Home Improvement

We’re more than a construction crew. At Apex, we're building great people who build great homes.

Apex is founded on an understanding that integrity and quality craftsmanship are fundamental to building relationships and creating a business that doesn’t only serve its owners, but also serves its employees, subcontractors, and customers. When you hire us, you can rest assured that our team will work closely with you throughout the project and treat you and your home with the highest degree of professionalism. Our team will tend to your home with the care they would their own while completing your home construction in a timely manner.
As locals of Central Washington, we care about our community here in Chelan, WA and the surrounding cities like East Wenatchee. We work to continuously invest in our local economy by hiring local subcontractors and building relationships with local suppliers. This also allows us to negotiate fair prices for high-quality materials for your project!

Our Remodel Process

We are specialists in remodels and renovations in both residential homes and commercial projects. In our company, we have a design-build process. This means that all of the key aspects of your project are handled by a single team - from design, to building, to warranty. This approach ensures that the vision you start with becomes a reality in the final redesign of your home.
As we partner with you to craft your custom space, you will enjoy the stability of having only one main point of contact, so you will always know about any changes through our consistent and complete communication (& we'll make sure you're always within your budget).

  • Show Answer Step 1: Let's Talk
  • Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement together, there will be pre-construction processes for which there will be fees. These fees are separate from the construction contract. These pre-construction processes will be handled with what is called a Professional Services Agreement or PSA. Your PSA will usually include costs for doing a detailed estimate that assures you a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. The PSA will usually cover design services and sometimes some demolition and discovery work if required to create a guaranteed project price for you. The PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us and you own the results of the design work covered by the PSA.
  • With all or most of the results of the PSA work in hand, we will meet with you to talk through the project. We will take all the time you want to be comfortable and confident. We'll go over the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, logistics and concerns. You will meet your personal project manager and discuss how communications can be handled.
  • We will now have all the information to provide a guaranteed price for your project, you will have signed off on the design and production plan. You've met your project manager and know who will be doing what to whom.

    We will provide an Agreement for our mutual signatures. We will go over and explain every detail of our straightforward Agreement.
  • During the building phase we will handle all the details of ordering local materials, scheduling, oversite and coordination. Concurrently we will diligently keep you up to date on progress and issues.
  • No matter how carefully we plan your project together you will probably want to make some changes along the way. We are prepared to cheerfully accommodate any changes you want to make. Our Agreement will explain how costs associated with your changes will be handled.
  • During this completion phase we will meticulously inspect to ensure that craftsmanship level have been maintained throughout the project. We will do a final review meeting with you to answer any operational questions regarding appliances, heating and cooling systems and any other operational questions. We will do a final clean up to the highest standards possible both within the project and anything on the property that we touched. We will set you up with a document to list anything you might run across that wasn't done right.
  • Enjoy your transformed home and thank you for letting us be a part of your dreams!

Stunning Custom Cabinetry, Expert Tile Installation, & More!

As a general contractor and custom home builder, we have experience that extends to every part of your kitchen remodel. Our remodeling experience has taught us that no two projects are the same, so from drawing up designs to the finishing touches, your project will be fully customized to your needs. When we're finished, you will have a space that completely meets your family's unique lifestyle!
Ready to remodel your entire home? We also offer bathroom remodeling and whole home remodel services!


Not everyone wants to work harder. We’re not everyone.

When you choose a Certified Home Builder* you’re partnering with a professional who has committed to performing at the highest level possible in our industry.
Make certain your builder measures up.


* A contractor registered in the State of Washington is not a Certified Builder. Certified Builder is an elective designation that offers you a more highly accredited building professional.