Project showcase: Loop Ave House

Project showcase: Loop Ave House

Loop Avenue House

Historic Farmhouse Revitalization

Originally constructed in the 1930s as a ranch and working farm, this farmhouse has undergone a remarkable transformation to seamlessly blend its rich history with modern comforts. The renovation, aimed at preserving its rustic charm, involved substantial updates and additions.

Project details
Loop Ave
Project details
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Adding an industrial touch
  • Complete Interior Revamp
  • Masterful Master Suite
  • Maintaining a rustic farmhouse feel
  • Timeless Appeal

The Finalized Remodel

Structural Reinforcement: Recognizing the farmhouse's historical significance, structural supports were strategically incorporated to ensure longevity while preserving its authentic character.
Industrial Elegance: Exposed steel beams in the ceiling became a focal point, adding an industrial touch that harmonizes with the farmhouse aesthetic.
Complete Interior Revamp: The entire house underwent a comprehensive gutting, making room for a brand-new kitchen and dining room. This overhaul included new floors that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary design.
Masterful Master Suite: A new master suite was added, designed to provide modern comfort while respecting the farmhouse's heritage. This addition includes a dedicated office area, offering a harmonious balance of work and leisure.
Rustic Farmhouse Ambiance: The design concept prioritized maintaining a rustic farmhouse feel, ensuring that the essence of its past resonates in every corner. Notably, the kitchen provides a picturesque view of the horses, connecting the home with its agricultural roots.
Timeless Appeal: With careful consideration of its historical context, this farmhouse has been revitalized to stand proudly for the next century. The updates reflect a dedication to preserving the legacy of the past while creating a welcoming space ready for the next generation of families to cherish.

This timeless farmhouse, now rejuvenated, stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of classic architecture and the thoughtful preservation of a bygone era.

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